The right question is not who I am or who I have been, but who I can become.

The question is not who I am, but what I can do to improve your business.

The word that describe me the most is "hybrid" and this has always been one of my main characteristics. I love doing a lot of different things and I have broad interests and hobbies. When I was young I thought that this was a disadvantage and I often felt "wrong" because I couldn't find a "tag" to put myself into.

Growing up and dealing with different realities, I finally understood that my hybridness was a huge advantage, despite what I thought it to be. So I stopped looking for a "tag" and I embraced my diversity. This let me to add value to whatever I did, thanks to my different learning path.

Having a different background gave me a flexible way of thinking that often turned out to be the key to solve problems or develop new solutions and ideas. That's why I strongly believe that having people with a non-standard way to think is the best chance to create something different and innovative.

Awards and Achievements

May 2019

Finalist of DesignFlows Competition

DesignFlows is a nationwide mobile UI design contest organized by Bending Spoons. The over 1200+ participants, from all over the country, had 2 days to design three screens based on the specifications brief. See the case study →

October 2018

2nd Place in Cisco Challenge at Night@Museum Hackathon

The Night@Museum is the Hackathon organized by Maker Fair Rome and it took place in Museo of Capodimonte, Naples. The over 200+ participants had 2 days to join to one of the multiple challenges promoted by national and international companies like TIM, Cisco, P&G, WWF etc. My team and I joined the Cisco's challenge and achieved the 2nd place with our app. See the case study →

October 2017 to July 2018

Apple Developer Academy Student

The Apple Developer Academy is the first official Apple Academy in Europe with just 400 seats for students per year. To obtain one of the spots available, applicants from all over the world must pass different tests both written and oral. It has been a privilege to be one of the worthy 400 students of this unique reality and learn about apps development, design and business directly from specialized mentors and Apple specialists. Find out more →